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New government guidelines are encouraging employees to return to working life which means more businesses are opening their doors to the public and employees. So now more than ever, a safe and secure commute to work is of top priority. 

Transport operators across the UK are enhancing all of their processes to ensure the safety of both passengers and drivers on-board their vehicles. These include enhanced cleaning regimes, social distancing measures and controlled boarding. But there is more to your workplace commute than simply boarding the vehicle and heading to your destination. That’s why we have invested in technology that helps both businesses and their employees travel in confidence. 

Let’s take a look at some of its key features.

  1. Contactless booking. Online booking capabilities help business and employees to plan ahead. Booking your employee’s seat on-board or allowing them to book their own space minimises the risk of unnecessary contact when boarding as there is no need to pay on-board with card or cash.
  1. Passenger monitoring. The online booking process allows us to provide you with reports on passenger numbers and helps to ensure that your new employee shuttle service is being effectively utilised. This tool will also help us to check that passenger numbers do not surpass a vehicles maximum capacity, ensuring social distancing guidelines are adhered to.
  1. Real-time tracking. The ability to track vehicles and confirm pick up times can help reduce crowds of passengers forming at stops reducing unnecessary contact and helping your teams to adhere to social distancing measures. This tracking is not only great for the passenger, but for employers who are able to see when their teams are arriving at their place of work, helping to plan out days more effectively.
  1. Management reporting. Business can keep track of vehicle utilisation and passenger numbers via the management reporting feature; giving you an understand how many passengers are carried on each route plus what stops are used most can help you work with operators to develop a more viable and effective service for your business and employees.
  1. Contact tracing. Employees using the service will have the ability to log ‘how they are feeling’ on the app. If an employee is showing signs of COVID-19, the app will log this in the system and let the passenger know when they are safe to travel again. As an employer, you will then have the ability to see who that passenger has been in contact with on previously travelled routes and take necessary action.

Prior to these uncertain times, the commute provided your employees with an opportunity to relax, get prepared for the day ahead and of course, unwind on the return journey. Today should be no different. So by investing in employee shuttle solutions that are backed by operators who are investing in these fantastic technologies can help you to effectively manage the safe return to work for your teams.

Our fully managed employee shuttle solution offers all the above, alongside strict and consistent cleaning regimes, controlled boarding and social distancing procedures. The safety and well-being of our passengers and drivers is our top priority and our team of experts are working hard to support you in effectively managing the safe return to work for your people. 

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