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We are your eco warriors

Environmental Policy

National Express strives to adhere to the highest possible standards with respect to the environment. The company has an Environment and Energy Policy, which is actively supported by top-level management. The policy is displayed at all National Express locations.

Community Policy

National Express have 5 core Values – Safety, Customer, People, Community and Excellence. The Community Value commits National Express to actively promote the communities we serve, generate economic, social and environmental value.


National Express is fully committed to improving environmental performance and has in place a dedicated Environment Manger. The Manager is responsible for:

Implementing the companies Environmental
and Energy Policy.

Ensuring company compliance with all
legislation and the principles of ISO14001
Identification and implementation of new,
environmentally-friendly initiatives.

Actively promoting the environment and
environmental issues.

Sustainable Transport

We aim to provide the latest Euro 6 emission vehicles to comply with the new Ultra Low Emission Zones (ULEZ), helping to reduce harmful gases in the air and combat climate change which is the greenest standard in the industry. We are also currently rolling out new fully electric vehicles in some key areas. As part of our fleet replacement programme and prioritising third party supplier pools who have these vehicles within their fleet, we are confident we can provide the most sustainable vehicle options available to our
end users.

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